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MrSheldon#0001 (231733082804322304), untocodes#7880 (386941684723744768)
This list has an API with documentation available at:

This list has an API endpoint for posting server/guild count of a bot:
Field Name: server_count

This list's API provides the following shard support for server/guild count posting:
shard_id support: No
shard_count support: No
shards support: No

BotBlock server/guild count API:
Please see the API documentation for full information on using the server/guild count API endpoint with this list.
Provide your Discord Boats API authorisation token as the value for the key discord.boats in your server/guild count API request as explained in the API docs.

This list also has an API endpoint for getting information about a bot:
This is used in the BotBlock API bots information endpoint.

Additional known URLs for this bot list:
Replace :id with the ID of the bot.
View a bot directly: https://discord.boats/bot/:id
Get the widget for a bot: https://discord.boats/api/widget/:id