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Discord Bot Lists? We have them all.

BotBlock is a home of all bot lists for Discord bots as well as the centralised guild count API and our other API endpoints.

The aim of the site and project is to provide a central place for bot developers, and also normal Discord users, to discover all the possible sites where Discord bots are listed to give everyone the best chance of finding or promoting what they want. Further, through the BotBlock API, the project aims to make it as simple as possible for bot developers to ensure that their statistics are reflected on as many bot listing sites as possible.

A central API for bot stats

BotBlock provides a simple to use central API for developers to post their bot's guild count to all bot lists that we have listed who support bot statistics on their site. This makes life easier for a bot developer as they don't have to worry about getting the API details for each list and then posting to every single list from within their bot. We handle the hard work, the bot developer just needs to post their stats to us.

The BotBlock API is built on Cloudflare Workers and is completely open-source, allowing anyone to verify how we handle any data and authentication tokens passed to the API. BotBlock utilises no logging in the API, ensuring that we do not intentionally store any list API tokens that are POST-ed.

An open and neutral project

BotBlock has the aim of being an open and neutral project. As such, BotBlock is completely open-source and we welcome anyone to suggest corrections for details about any bot list on the site, or to propose a new change to be added to the site itself. We work closely with the community and bot list owners to ensure that list details are up to date.

As part of our efforts to be transparent, BotBlock also keeps a record of all Discord bot lists that have shutdown. These are given the defunct flag and are hidden throughout the majority of the site, alongside being ignored in the POST guild count and GET lists API endpoints. These lists can be viewed on the dedicated defunct lists page . Separately, some lists may be hidden from the main list on the website, though not ignored in the API, and can be found on the dedicated hidden lists page .

Credits and thanks

The BotBlock website and API were developed by Matt Cowley, with help from Jacob_#1234 and the wider community.

The list data utilised throughout BotBlock is maintained and curated by a dedicated team of individuals acting as moderators for BotBlock, based on suggestions submitted by many different members of the community, which we continue to be incredibly grateful for.

The icon used for BotBlock was created by Jet. The bot list icons are copyright their respective owners unless otherwise stated on their own sites.

BotBlock is not affiliated with Discord Inc.