The Meta List has become BotBlock (

A new hub for bot developers

Following the initial success of the meta list website it has been decided that it will be rebranded as BotBlock to allow us to more easily integrate other services and information into the site with an aim of providing a central hub for bot developers and bot users alike.

Site expansion to provide more information

The new name and new location brings with it some updates to the site; The API for BotBlock has been upgraded to be more developer friendly with higher quality documentation and more standardised response data. Further, BotBlock will soon have service and language lists for Discord bot development, providing more useful information to bot developers in one single site.

API migration advice

If you use the API we recommend that you move over to the new domain name ( as soon as possible due to the meta list domain now being considered deprecated. Whilst we will try to keep it alive to respond to API requests on the existing API endpoints at the time of us moving to BotBlock it will not be maintained and may fail to serve API responses going forward. We apologise for the change and inconvenience but we hope it is for the better as we move forward in making BotBlock a more central Discord bot development hub.