Discord's Extreme List (discordsextremelist.tk)

This list has been flagged as defunct on BotBlock. Therefore, this list will not be used in any BotBlock API endpoints and is not displayed throughout the majority of the site.

This list has been shutdown by the owner.

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Discord's Extreme List


Discord Bots Only
Cairo#4883 (208105877838888960), Brands ツ#4120 (255750690784149504), DetectiveHuman#1234 (449653897695461376)
This list has an API with documentation available at:

This list has an API endpoint for posting server/guild count of a bot:
Field Name: count

This list's API provides the following shard support for server/guild count posting:
shard_id support: No
shard_count support: No
shards support: No

BotBlock server/guild count API:
Please see the API documentation for full information on using the server/guild count API endpoint with this list.
Provide your Discord's Extreme List API authorisation token as the value for the key discordsextremelist.tk in your server/guild count API request as explained in the API docs.

This list also has an API endpoint for getting information about a bot:
This is used in the BotBlock API bots information endpoint.

Additional known URLs for this bot list:
Replace :id with the ID of the bot.
View a bot directly: https://discordsextremelist.tk/bots/:id
Get the widget for a bot: https://discordsextremelist.tk/api/bot/:id/widget